Prototype Development

The Need


In spite of technological progress, and the benefits of computerized 3D modelling, they are no substitute for professional prototypes.  Protypes are 3D models that resemble and simulate finished products. They are developed prior to serial production, providing significant benefits for the development process:


  • Product testing – a prototype enables the developers to check, and if needed improve, Important aspects of the product design, before serial production commences. These include durability, ease-of-use, aesthetics, raw material suitability, manufacturing technology alternatives, different connector types and assembly methods, product weight impact and more.
  • Attracting investors – most entrepreneurs need to convince investors of the merits of the products they envision. This can be achieved in a very effective way with prototypes that demonstrate very vividly how their future product will look and function.
  • Preliminary marketing – prototypes provide an excellent starting point for marketing efforts, demonstrating to potential customers the look, feel and function of future products.
  • Patent application – prototypes support patent application and registration by helping to illustrate and defend the patent principles. On the other hand, many times prototypes assist in identifying cases where new product designs are at risk of infringing existing patents, enabling the designers to change course in time.


Prototype Design Service

Prototypes enable product designers to evaluate a wide range of engineering parameters, crucial to the products’ success. They also enable marketers and entrepreneurs to attract investors and potential customers at a very early stage.


With our vast experience and knowledge in a wide range of industries (including medical equipment, high-tech and commodities and more), Studio Klipy is perfectly equipped to provide you with high-quality prototypes that will pave your products’ way to success.

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