Developing a Technological Product

Developing a Technological Product at Any Level of Complexity

Studio Klipy has the experience, knowledge and tools needed for developing technological products at any level of complexity, in any field, including medical devices, high-tech, commodities and more. With time, the company has gained vast and in-depth knowledge in planning, designing and producing mechanical moving parts, as well as electronic and software components.

Our Professional Team Our ability to develop technological products at any level of complexity is due to the capabilities, skills and knowledge of our professional team, composed of leading professionals in the fields of industrial design, mechanical engineering, product engineering, plastic engineering and ergonomics. Our team has the experience and knowledge required for providing solutions for any development need, from the concept stage, until the transfer to production. With Studio Klipy, out of-the-box-thinking turns ideas and dreams into attractive, innovative and competitive products.


Rigorous Process Control Beyond our expertise, our ability to develop technological products in any field and at any level of complexity is the product of rigorous process management, precise strategic planning, ongoing quality control and a commitment to stay within budget constraints. Throughout the development process, we carefully examine every component as well as the entire assembly. In addition, we are very experienced in the process of transferring from development to production, including the management of supplies and 3rd-party producers, ensuring the quality of the entire supply chain. Our ultimate goal is to deliver quality products that have a significant competitive advantage, based on creative thinking, detailed strategic planning, and an ability to implement innovative design and production technologies.

Overall Management of Product Development 

Studio Klipy manages the development process according to the following main stages:

  • Product Specification according to the product’s intended use, market, and target audience characteristics.
  • Concept development, strategic design and production planning – establishing a solid concept and determining the most suitable design and production strategies for realizing it.
  • Detailed Program including a workplan, a sound business model, a detailed product tree, 3D models and a final prototype.
  • Transfer from Development to Production with precise instructions and selection of the most suitable suppliers and producers, locally and overseas.


For the Development of a technological Product

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