Transferring from Development to Production

The methodology for transferring from development to production can be found in great detail in the professional literature. The process is clear and well-structured. Any yet the process of transferring form development to production remains, many times, a source of delays in product launch that jeopardise product success.


Effective processes of transferring from development to production are based on rigorous management throughout the process, including testing the quality of the supply chain and thoroughly examining the product-assembly processes. The goal is an ongoing reduction in the lag between development and production, synching both processes to the point where they become one continuous process that is effective, and moreover also compliant with the requirements of the production facility.


The main steps involved in the transfer from development to production are:

  • Preparation of detailed production and quality assurance instructions.
  • Product pricing analysis, taking into consideration the costs of raw materials, production, shipment and distribution at the target markets.
  • Preparation of a product tree that specifies materials, assemblies and sub-assemblies required for the production processes.
  • Prototype design and preparation for testing the product attributes that will guide the production of the final product.
  • Design of packaging that is attractive, economical, efficient, and durable throughout the products’ journey from the production facility to the store and from the store to the customers.
  • Selection of reputable and reliable producers, locally and abroad, that deliver high-quality manufacturing services. We only consider producers with a proven commitment to quality assurance throughout the production process.
  • Once a final product is reached, complying with all the initial requirements, mass production begins and shipment to the target markets follows.
  • Product launch support, based on market research and solid branding, marketing and advertising strategies.


Studio Klipy has the knowledge, experience and tools for providing full product development and design services. Our capabilities are not limited to product design, but rather extend to the transfer from development to production, turning dreams into high-quality products in the most cost-effective way. This is achieved by following a professional and rigorous process that ensures that every detail of the product spec and design are implemented during mass production.


Product Design and Transfer to Production Services


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