Development and Design of Plastic Products

Development and Design of Plastic Products

About Plastic Engineering

The twenty-first century has been described by leading designers as the Century of Plastic, following a steady process of substituting traditional materials such as wood, metal and glass with plastic materials. Experts ascribe to plastic durability, high-quality and flexibility that facilitate intelligent design and numerous implementation possibilities. Moreover, more and more plastic and polymer-based materials are recycled, biodegradable and in general environment friendly. The advances in plastic engineering enable us, at Klipy Studio, to development sophisticated and aesthetic plastic products that are durable, cost-effective and high-quality, while strictly conforming to the product specs, production requirements and budget constraints.


A Variety of Possibilities for Plastic Product Design

 The ability to develop and design high-quality plastic products depends on an intimate acquaintance of with the full range of plastic raw materials available, their characteristics, and their possible implementations. During design, we consider raw-material traits such as their melting point, specific weight, resistance to different chemicals, water resistance, fire resistance and friction coefficient. Moreover, our vast experience with plastic product design, enables us to select the most suitable fabrication methods among numerous options including:

  1. High or low-pressure injection
  2. Hot pressing
  3. Machining
  4. 3D-printing

Other manufacturing options we consider include mechanical bending, different forms of adhesion and bonding, and more.

When selecting a plastic material, the intended use of the product must be considered, whether it is used for medical purposes, food storage or any other use. The material must be suited to the environmental conditions of use, and to the required quality standards, durability, thickness, conductivity and more.

After considering all these factors, we work with our customers to identify the most suitable material and fabrication process, using computer aided modelling, 3D-models, and prototypes.

For the development and Design of Plastic Products

Studio Klipy specializes in product development. It is lead by a diverse team of professionals, including leading Plastic Engineering experts. These experts, along with engineers that specialise in industrial design, product design, ergonomics, and mechanical design, develop and design high-quality and innovative plastic products for a variety of industries.

For the development and design of advanced plastic products, and for further professional assistance, please contact Studio Klipy at:

Tel: 050-8873495