Designing High-Quality and Effective Food Packaging

Designing High-Quality and Effective Food Packaging

Food packaging design is a crucial factor in successful food-product marketing. As part of our product design services, we, at Studio Klipy, specialise in product packaging, and specifically in food product packaging. Our designs are suited to the nature of each food-type and to the target audience, providing a solution that is attractive, cost-effective, easy-to-use and durable.

The Importance of Food Packaging

Marketing research has shown that food-packaging has a direct impact on product sales. The is due to the fact that with industrial food, like other industrial commodities, the customer at the store is not exposed to the product itself but to its packaging. Consequently, the more the packaging is aesthetic, attractive, easy to use, durable, and identifiable with the brand, the greater the probability that it will sell well. This simple fact is one of the main drivers of the food industry’s massive investment in packaging design.

Best Practices in Food Packaging Design

In-order-to convince a customer to prefer one food product over another, the following principles are recommended:

  • Clarifying what the product is– the customer should understand, at first glance, what’s in the package. The packaging design can accommodate this need, in several way, such as with a transparent surface that displays the product within, or by printing an image or the name of the actual product on the outer surface of the package.
  • The producer – food packaging should promote the producer. This can be achieved in several ways, such as by displaying on the package the company/brand logo, slogan and details, and by using the brand colours.
  • Addressing the target audience – the packaging design should be suited to the target audience. Food-products for children, women, men, teens, sportsmen and woman require different packaging.
  • Accommodating the type of food and its target price – packaging designs should reflect pricing and food-type. For example, the packaging of an elementary, low cost, food-product should be different from that of a high-quality, premium product.
  • Durability and ease of use – food packaging must be durable, easy-to-use, and easy to carry while maintaining its original form.
  • Food content – the food content, calorie table, allergen information etc., must be clearly displayed on the packaging.



Food Packaging Product Design Service

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