A Leading Studio for Product Development and Design

A Leading Studio for Product Development and Design

Studio Klipy is lead by a team of professionals in the fields of industrial design, product engineering, plastic engineering, mechanical engineering and ergonomics. Our hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge are at the source of the innovative designs and high-quality products we develop for our customers.  We work with you personally throughout the R&D process, from the initial concept, and through to the [prototype development – link] stage, until an innovative and competitive product is achieved. Our design hallmarks are creativity, aesthetics, strategic planning, and cost-effective production.

Specializing in Product Development and Design

With years of hands-on experience in the fields of high-tech, medical instrumentation, commodities and more, we have the tools and capabilities for developing and designing products at any level of complexity, while complying with the highest quality standards. The fields of knowledge we specialise in include:

  • Managing Product Development – rigorous and detailed management of the entire design process, based on in-depth understanding in a variety of fields including software, electronics and mechanics. The management process includes thorough examination of every product component, assembly and sub-assembly, as the product transfers from design to production.
  • Mechanical engineering – mechanical engineering knowledge is required for detailed design, for ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards, for preparation of computerized 3D models, and for the design and construction of prototypes. Our mechanical engineers also verify the final products’ quality, ease of use, and reliability.
  • 3D Models – we use 3D modelling extensively for examining, testing and simulating product design alternatives.
  • Quality Assurance – our network of quality assurance professionals supervises production processes locally and abroad. Our network is based on quality-assurance partners and hand-picked inspectors in every territory we cover.
  • Design and Construction of Prototypes – we build high-precision prototypes in-order-to evaluate different aspects of the product before the design is finalised. Prototypes enable us to examine design aspects such as raw material suitability, assembly methods and more.


Product Design Services


For product design services of the highest quality, and for further professional assistance, please contact Studio Klipy at:

Tel: 050-8873495

Email: klipy_info@klipydesign.com